Homeopathic medicine for Constipation

Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

Homeopathic Medicine For ConstipationConstipation refers to a condition in which an individual experiences difficulty or infrequency in bowel movements, often resulting in the passage of hard and dry stools. It can be a temporary or chronic issue and may be caused by various factors.

 Common causes of constipation include:

  1. Diet: A lack of fiber in the diet can contribute to constipation. Fiber adds bulk to stool and helps it move through the digestive system.

  2. Dehydration: Insufficient water intake can lead to dry and hard stools, making them difficult to pass.

  3. Lack of Physical Activity: A sedentary lifestyle can slow down the digestive system and contribute to constipation.

  4. Ignoring the Urge to Defecate: Suppressing the natural urge to have a bowel movement can lead to constipation.

  5. Certain Medications: Some medications, such as certain painkillers, antacids, and antidepressants, can cause constipation as a side effect.

  6. Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hypothyroidism, and neurological disorders, can contribute to constipation.

To relieve or prevent constipation, individuals can take several steps:

  1. Increase Fiber Intake: Consuming more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can provide the necessary fiber to promote regular bowel movements.

  2. Stay Hydrated: Drinking an adequate amount of water helps soften stools and facilitates their passage through the digestive tract.

  3. Exercise Regularly: Physical activity stimulates the muscles in the intestines, promoting bowel regularity.

  4. Establish Regular Bathroom Habits: Develop a routine for bathroom visits and try to respond to the body’s natural urges.

Homeopathic Medicine

1.Nux Vomica

  1. Frequent but Ineffective Urges: There is a frequent urge to pass stool, but individuals are unable to do so satisfactorily, experiencing an incomplete sensation and feeling that there is more to be expelled.”

  2. Overindulgence and Sedentary Lifestyle: Sedentary lifestyle or have a history of overeating, excessive consumption of stimulants (such as coffee or alcohol), or irregular eating habits.

  3. Abdominal Discomfort: Sense of fullness and discomfort in the abdomen, with bloating and flatulence. Abdomen feel sensitive to pressure.

  4. Irritability and Impatience: Tend to be irritable, easily angered, and impatient. Constipation aggravated by stress and mental strain.

  5. Cramping Pains: Person experience cramping or colicky pains in the abdomen, and these symptoms relieved by passing gas or a bowel movement.

  6. Morning Constipation: Constipation pronounced in the morning, and the person feel the need to have a bowel movement immediately upon waking.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation


  1. Dry, Hard Stools: Dry and hard stools, making difficult to pass. Lack of natural moisture in the stool.

  2. Straining: Straining during bowel movements due to the dry and difficult-to-pass nature of the stools.

  3. Incomplete Evacuation: Sensation of incomplete evacuation.

  4. Absence of Urgency: Lack of normal urge for a bowel movement.

  5. Loss of Rectal Sensation: Diminished or altered sensation in the rectum, contributing to difficulties in recognizing the need for a bowel movement.

  6. Aggravation from Lack of Physical Activity: Aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity.

  7. Weakness in Digestive Tract: Weakness or sluggishness in the digestive tract, leading to difficulties in the normal movement of stools.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

3.Hydrastis Canadensis

  1. Dryness and Lack of Mucous: Feeling of dryness and lack of mucous in various parts of the body, including digestive tract. In constipation, this manifest as dry and difficult-to-pass stools.

  2. Sensation of Empty Feeling: Experience a sensation of emptiness in the stomach or abdomen.

  3. Weak Digestion: Sense of weakness in the digestive system, with symptoms such as slow digestion and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after meals.

  4. Sense of Insecurity in the Rectum: Sense of incompleteness in bowel movements.

  5. Feeling Better with Warm Applications: Individuals feel better with warm applications on the abdomen.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation


  1. Constipation: Cascara sagrada is primarily used to relieve constipation. It works by stimulating the muscles of the intestines, promoting bowel movements.

  2. Hard, Dry Stools: Constipation associated with the passage of hard and dry stools. Helps soften the stools and facilitates their passage through the digestive tract.

  3. Abdominal Discomfort: Abdominal discomfort, bloating, or a feeling of fullness.

  4. Irregular Bowel Movements: Bowel movements are infrequent or irregular, cascara sagrada help establish regular pattern by stimulating the natural contractions of the colon.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

5. Senna

  1. Constipation with Dry, Hard Stools: Stools are dry, hard, and difficult to pass. Senna works as promoting bowel movements and softening the stool.

  2. Irregular Bowel Movements: Individuals experience irregular or infrequent bowel movements. It helps to stimulate the muscles in the intestines, encouraging more regular bowel activity.

  3. Sense of Incomplete Evacuation: Feeling of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement. Senna helps to promote complete emptying of the bowels.

  4. Abdominal Discomfort or Bloating: Senna suitable for individuals who experience discomfort, bloating, or sense of fullness in the abdomen associated with constipation.

  5. Lack of Straining: Senna suitable for cases where there is a lack of straining during bowel movements. It helps facilitate the passage of stool without excessive effort.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

6. Natrum Muriaticum

  1. Dry and Hard Stools: Hard stool, dry, and difficult to pass.

  2. Craving for Salt: Specific craving for salty foods.

  3. Emotional Suppression: Individuals who tend to suppress their emotions, especially grief or disappointment.

  4. Headache: Experience headaches along with constipation. Headache often described as a bursting or throbbing pain.

  5. Worsening from Heat: Constipation symptoms worsen in hot weather or due to exposure to heat.

  6. Aggravation from Emotional Disturbances: Emotional stress or disturbances worsen constipation.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

7.Magnesia Muriatica

  1. Hard, Difficult Stools: Stool is hard, knotty, and difficult to pass. Sense of dryness and tightness in the rectum.

  2. Abdominal Cramps: Constipation accompanied by abdominal cramps and colicky pain.

  3. Incomplete Evacuation: Complain feeling of incomplete evacuation after passing stool, as there is more stool left behind.

  4. Bloating: Constipation associated with bloating and distension of the abdomen.

  5. Better with Warmth: Relief from symptoms, especially abdominal cramps, when applying warmth or using a hot water bottle on the abdomen.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

8. Lycopodium

  1. Hard, Dry Stools: Constipation with hard, dry stools.

  2. Incomplete Evacuation:  Feel a constant urge to pass stool, but the evacuation is incomplete. Sensation of fullness and bloating in the abdomen even after a bowel movement.

  3. Gas and Bloating: Constipation accompanied by excessive gas and bloating.

  4. Worsening in the Afternoon: Symptoms of constipation tend to worsen in the late afternoon and early evening. 

  5. Cravings for Sweets: Strong craving for sweets, and a desire for warm drinks.

  6. Lack of Self-Confidence: Lack self-confidence and have anxiety about social situations. Fear of failure and a tendency to avoid confrontation.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

9. Carbo Vegetabilis

  1. Constipation with Gas and Bloating: Constipation accompanied by abdominal distension and flatulence. Abdomen feel heavy and bloated, and there is sensation of fullness.

  2. Incomplete Evacuation: Despite straining, individuals feel that there is more stool to pass, indicating incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement. 

  3. Hard, Difficult Stools: Constipation are typically hard and difficult to pass. Feeling of dryness in the rectum.

  4. Weakness and Fatigue: Symptoms of weakness and fatigue present in individuals with constipation. Feeling exhausted, especially after a bowel movement.

  5. Relief from Belching: Individuals experience relief from symptoms, including constipation, through belching. 

  6. Cold Sensation: Sensation of coldness in the abdomen or throughout the body.Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation

Medicine images use for reference only selection of homeopathic medicine depends on the individual’s specific symptoms and overall constitution. Moreover, homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that treats the individual as a whole. In addition to addressing the physical symptoms, it takes into account the emotional and mental state of the person. Consequently, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner for personalized treatment.
The information provided on this website is intended solely for educational purposes.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider.

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